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The Real Estate Contract Must be Valid to be Enforceable

Ensure that your Real Estate Contracts are Valid An Agreements of Purchase and Sale, like any other contract, requires a proper offer, and acceptance.  What are the requirements of basic contract law? This question takes me back to my first year of law school.  In order for there to be a valid contract, three things are required. Offer Acceptance Consideration This holds true, regardless of whether the contract was sent via email, or fax.  To further … [Read More...]

Big Five Banks Unwilling to Give Mortgages for Micro Condos

What are Micro Condos? Many developers are building what has been referred to as “micro condos”.  These are condominium units that are less than 400 square feet.  These micro condos have seen success in over populated areas such as Tokyo and New York, and are beginning to come to urban centres such as Toronto and Vancouver.  Many people are surprised to find out that the big banks are often unwilling to provide financing for these micro condos.  This has led to purchasers, … [Read More...]

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