You have been amazing in communication etc. I have chosen the right lawyer for our needs…:) Thanks so much.
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Who Owns the Tree Growing on a Boundary?

One Tree – Two Neighbors – Big Problems! We have all heard the old addage good fences make good neighbours.  But what about trees? Trees can sometimes make good fences, but they don’t always make for happy neighbours. Katherine Hartley is neighbours with Hilary Cunningham and Stephen Scharper (the “Scharpers”). Katherine Hartley wanted to cut down a mature Norway maple whose trunk grew at the boundary with her neighbours.  The Scharpers were opposed to the destruction … [Read More...]

Types of Property Ownership

Types of Property Ownership The Many Ways to Own Property in Ontario: In Ontario there are many ways to own real estate.  Each with its own benefits and liabilities.  When deciding how to take title, it is important to speak with your lawyer to determine which one is right for you.  Types of Ownership:  SOLE OWNERSHIP: Only one person holds title to the property.  If the sole owner is married, then their spouse may have an interest in that property if it is the … [Read More...]

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