I just want to say you are so amazing to deal with, like I never experienced before! Very efficient, very honest and just very accommodating with times to meet. It is so nice to have a lawyer like you for the future! I will always recommended you! Thank you so much! I will always come to you for a lawyer’s assistance! Thanks again.
D.D. Richmond Hill

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Comparison of Toronto Real Estate Market Segments

Toronto Real Estate - Single Family Homes v. Condominiums  There are two main types of properties in the City of Toronto.  There are single family homes, which include detached, semi detached or townhouses.  On the other side there are condominiums.   Undeveloped land in Toronto is becoming harder to come by.  Any large properties that are developed, are usually turned into condominiums.  New homes are usually built when an older existing property is town down, and a new … [Read More...]

When Things go Wrong After Closing – Closing Non Merger

What Conditions Survive Closing? It is something that I hear about all too often.  I just closed the deal on my new home and X, Y and/or Z are not working.  The Agreement of Purchase and Sale promised that everything would be in good working order.  What can I do? The answer isn't what you probably want to hear.  Even if the Agreement of Purchase and Sale contains a warranty that it will survive closing, there isn't much that can be done.  What this “warranty” promises … [Read More...]

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