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Put it in Writing if You Want it to Exist

Sellers, to Ensure the Purchaser Assumes Your Rental Oligations, Make Sure You Put It in the Contract Put it in writing.  You hear this all the time. However, in real estate, transactions when things are not put into writing, it can be costly. My advice to any sellers, if you want or expect something, to avoid costly negotiations or trials down the road, it is best to put it in writing. An example of this, is when you are selling your home, if you expect the new … [Read More...]

Why Condominium Owners Should Not Neglect Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance for Condominium Unit Owners: Why You Need It Mortgagors often do not require that condominium purchasers obtain household insurance. This leaves many condo purchasers under the impression that it is covered by their monthly common expenses and the condominium’s policy of insurance. However, often that is not the case. It is true, that the condominium corporation must carry insurance on the building, it does not cover everything, and there are often … [Read More...]

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