You have been amazing in communication etc. I have chosen the right lawyer for our needs…:) Thanks so much.
V - Toronto

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Land Transfer Tax

What is Land Transfer Tax The Ontario Land Transfer Tax is tax is paid by the Purchaser at the date of final closing as part of your closing costs. The purchaser's solicitor pays the Tax on behalf of the purchaser on the closing date. The purchaser will be required to provide their solicitor closing funds (certified) that will cover the closing expenses. This Tax is not covered through your mortgage. The Toronto Land Transfer Tax applies when you purchase a home … [Read More...]

Toronto Condominiums – Ceiling Heights Lowered on some projects

The Sky is Falling - Be Prepared to Duck How Toronto Condominium Developers are Saving Space Now we aren't talking about Chicken Little, but it comes as no surprise to people who have been seeing new Condominium developments over the years that on average,  units are getting smaller.   RealNet Canada Inc. released its latest stats for new condos in Toronto... and the numbers showed that the average size of a unit has shrunk to about 797 square feet, from closer to 900 … [Read More...]

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