Toronto Real Estate – As Affordable As A French Castle

Yes you read the title correctly.  

No, you don’t need to readjust your monitors.  The title is indeed correct.  

castleI recently came across an article from ivillage by Emma Leith.  The title of the Article Says it all “Realty Check:  A House in Toronto is Now as Affordable as a French Castle.”  I highly recommend that you take a look.  It shows how far approximately £740,561 (approximately 1.3 Million Canadian Dollars) will  get you as compared to the recent fixer upper in Lawrence Park.  Particularly after this home in Lawrence Park stirred controversy after receiving 72 offers and selling for 195% of the asking price.  Yes, that happened.  

Now, I am assuming that you have looked at the the 9 castles that you could purchase for approximately 1.3 Million Canadian dollars (or less).

In an attempt to make you (or myself)  feel better, I should say that as noted in the article, these castles likely need work (but the home on Lawrence Park was a fixer upper as well).  

While these castles are in the countryside and not in Paris, some of them are breathtaking.  I am partial to the B&B. Who am I kidding, I would gladly take any of them as long as they have electricity. 

So for those that are trying to jump into Toronto Real Estate, but have had always had dreams of living in a castle, now your drams could come true –  same price.  

Which castle would you choose?




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